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Puhalska Design

Interior design and decor studio of Tatiana Puhalska provides a full range of professional services in the field of residential and public interior design with the author supervision of the project execution.

I am Ukrainian and until 2010 I lived and worked as an interior designer in Kiev. With passion and commitment I made many projects of interior design in both a modern and traditional style, using the Eastern tradition, culture and art. We cooperate with construction companies that will assist in the implementation of the design drawn up.

Harmony and beauty on the one hand, and functionality and comfort on the other – these are basic principles followed by Puhalska Design studio while designing interiors. Even very modern and unusual interior designs should be functional, practical, ergonomic, comfortable, and have unique style and character on principle. I think that both my extensive experience as well as passion to create provide a basis to start with you resultful cooperation in the field of interior design.

Sincerely, Tatiana Puhalska “Puhalska Design”

Benefits of working with Puhalska Design

• Comprehensiveness

We cooperate with many recognized companies in the following areas: electricity, acoustics, plumbing and ventilation systems, metalwork, furniture, decorative materials, lighting, carpentry, decorative metalwork, forging and smithery, glass processing, window decoration.

• Expertise

Interior design services provided by the studio cover both residential and public interiors and buildings: restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels and spas, stores and showrooms, offices, conference rooms, medical and beautician’s establishments, pharmacies, and flats and private houses, all over the world. We prepare designs that are coherent with various styles, however, we never forget that we live in the 21st century, and we put the huge emphasis on innovative technologies and materials in the field of designing.

• Quality control

The majority of our designs have been comprehensively carried out and implemented with the author supervision of their execution. owing to that we are always in full control of contractors, which in turn enables us to keep deadlines and guarantee high quality of the project executed.

We are proud to thank our existing clients

We have worked for: IKEA, Swedspan Poland, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Rector of the University of Culture and Arts in Kiev, ICTV „Telezirka” – 2010 Kiev, PHU Gama Wysokie Mazowieckie.

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